How to Get More Likes and followers on Facebook and Instagram



If your business has a Facebook or Instagram presence, you undoubtedly desire more followers. It’s not just a popularity contest; the more followers your page gets, the more individuals you may reach and the more probable it is that your business will grow.

Create a unique profile.

When a potential member first visits your page, they’ll probably look at your profile to find out more about you and your beliefs. Utilize the first chance you get to make a good impression. Convey your story, introduce yourself to potential followers, and explain why they should follow you in a captivating company bio. Don’t forget to include a link to your website, choose a professional headshot that complements your brand, and provide all pertinent information about your business.

Have a plan.

The most popular social media platforms may come out as lighthearted and informal, but they almost certainly employ a thorough social media strategy. Assign someone to manage your social media activities, establish your objectives, develop an editorial schedule, establish rules for tone, post type, and frequency of publication, and ensure that all of your postings are consistent with your overall company plan.

Decide who your target market is.

You may build your business by attracting the proper customers if you are aware of your target market. Each of any social media sites, create client profiles and tailor your postings to their requirements, passions, and issues. Use your understanding of your ideal client to inform the timing, subject, and publication schedule of your posts.

Make excellent material.

Your social media pages require interesting material to attract followers and keep them interested so they keep visiting. Whatever you’ve determined aligns with your brand, put the emphasis on delivering high-quality content that is enjoyable, fascinating, inspirational, and thought-provoking. Use curated pieces to fill in the blanks on your social media channels if you don’t have the time to create all of your material from scratch.

Offer something.

A 2018 survey found that 63% of consumers follow companies on social media to find out about sales. Do as the populace requests! Reward your fans with privileged offers, risk-free trials, and exclusive coupons. An reward to follow your page might be anything that entices consumers, including a sneak glimpse at a brand-new product or an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience.

Encourage visitors to like your page.

After liking your Page on facebook, users automatically become followers unless they decide to stop. If your page has fewer than 100,000 likes and you see that someone has commented on a post, you can invite them to like it. Using followers who have already shown interest in what you have to offer is a great strategy. Additionally, you may employ a paid “like campaign” on Facebook to swiftly increase your fan base and invite your Facebook fans to follow you on Instagram.

Stay on brand.

Your fans should experience a sense of familiarity when they visit your Facebook or Instagram page. Create a welcoming experience for guests and let them know what to expect if they follow you brand by using a consistent brand voice.

Use hashtags.

Since everyone who searches for or clicks on a hashtag will see all the posts that have been tagged with it, including relevant hashtags in your posts is a terrific method to reach out to more people and gain prospective new followers. Instagram posts can have up to 30 hashtags; however, research show that posts with 5–6 or 11 or more hashtags receive the highest engagement. Use no more than one or two hashtags each post on Facebook.

Apply for a verification badge.

Verification badges are available on Facebook and Instagram and show that a company has been authenticated. A confirmation badge can give your social media profile instant credibility and increase visitors’ likelihood of becoming followers. Acquiring the grey check on your Facebook page is far easier than getting the blue dot on Instagram, but give it a shot.

Be responsive.

Brands not responding to reviews, comments, or queries is one of the major pet peeves customers have on social media. If someone leaves a remark, submits a rating, or sends you a message that needs an answer, always reply politely and promptly, even to critical comments, to demonstrate that you care about your followers.

Learn as you go.

Your social media accounts should always be becoming better because they are a work in progress. When it comes to publishing frequency, post timings, content kind, and other factors, keep an eye on engagement and conversations on your pages to determine what is effective and what is not. Decide what appeals to your fans the most, then concentrate on sharing more of that material.

Keep a consistent content calendar.

Posting content at haphazard, odd times is the most detrimental thing you can do while trying to gain followers on Instagram.You don’t want to do anything that would make those who first chose to follow you regret doing so.

Follow a regular publishing schedule to avoid this. In order to prevent spam, companies typically shouldn’t post and over a few times per day. However, whatever your rhythm, make it constant. To increase your reach even further, try publishing a few times during the entire day. Every day, 200 million people use Instagram.

Plan ahead to post on Instagram.

Your team may effectively see campaigns and timetables by arranging content in advance. Building out material in advance is always a good idea, and using our Instagram scheduling tools, you could simultaneously target your audience and keep up a steady stream of content.

Encourage brand supporters and partners to share your content.

Knowing the worth of your audience is crucial while learning how to increase your Instagram following. The more followers you gain naturally, the more interested clients and buyers you will attract.

Being visible and getting in front of clients is the best approach to attract them to follow you.

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